How to Type in Nepali Unicode ?


It is a big problem for us to write in Nepali. Yes we have a different script / language of our own. And just before few years only users who were perfect typing in Kantipur or Preeti font were the one who could type in Nepali. Days have passed and years the technology breakthrough has now made it easy for all to type in Nepali. Now we don't need to know how the Preeti or Kantipur typing works. Everything is simple now and anyone who known how to type in English can easily type in Nepali.   

Yes, this is a real fact that Nepali Unicode has made this possible. Now if you know how to type in English then you might probably be chatting on Facebook with the slang Nepali words with English letters. Am i right ? That is the power of Nepali Unicode. 

Either it's your job to write News articles or you have to send some mail in Nepali. It doesn't matter if you want to write some poems of Gazal in Nepali language. You can do any thing you want which relates to type in Nepali. Now you can update your Facebook status in Nepali, you can create meme using Nepali words and there is more things you can do now with Nepali Unicode.

Easy Nepali Unicode Typing Tool

So today we have created this awesome Nepali Unicode typing tool which you can use to type anything in Nepali. You can write some articles and use them for your blog posts or send an email in Nepali. You can also update your Facebook or Whatsapp status in Nepali and there is no boundries. You can use these Nepali written articles anywhere as per your need.

How to use this Nepali Typing tool ?

Using this tool is simple. You type anyword in Slang NepEnglish version and hit Space. You will see how it converts into Nepali word. To edit that word you can hit Backspace in your keyboard. Try it yourself now below:



Timilai kasto chha?
Aasha chha sanchai chau holaa.

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Kalimati p ani rakhnu pareyo k sir ????????????????????????????????